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Friday, December 24, 2010

Yes, There is a Santa ... or at Least a Bunch of Elves

Oh my ... what do I even say ....
After coming home from the Christmas Eve service tonight I was sitting at my desk when Brian kept insisting that he needed to take a picture of me beside the Christmas tree.
I told him he was nuts and that it wasn't going to happen.
He persisted. Never mind that I had already changed into my grubby pj's.
(Whitlock will appreciate the Ohio State shirt though.)
So ... I walked in to see what all the fuss was about and saw this ....

a huge box, accompanied by a smaller box and an envelope with my name on it.

I gave him a dirty look because we agreed not to do this.

That's when he began clicking pictures and blinding me with the flash.

this is me, trying to save my sight.

Then I opened the envelope and saw that the gifts were from

the Pine Ridge crew.

Next question - "do I dare open it"???

I did.

and found a mouse.
The good kind of mouse, not the kind that run through your house eating things.
And in the big box ...

was a printer.

A nice printer.

A really, really, really nice printer.

Their original plan was to buy me a laptop but they told Brian this two days after we ordered one with Brian's Christmas bonus.

So they got a printer.

And if they only knew .....

My current printer is SO ghetto. It can only print ONE piece of paper at a time and with that I have to physically put my fingers halfway into it and hold the paper down so that it will feed through - otherwise it jams.

But with this baby ... oh wow ...

I bet they expect me to work now, huh?

Seriously - THANK YOU guys. You really shouldn't have. No really, you shouldn't have.

But I'm glad you did.

You still have bathroom duty on the trip though. ;)

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