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Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Hills of Donegal

It seems that most of my Irish ancestors came from either Derry (Londonderry, for those who prefer), and Donegal.  Donegal is beautiful with hills, a rugged coastline, and oh yeah, sheep. Its what people think of when they think of Ireland.  And its known for its tweed.  When we were there we stopped in a little shop and since there were no other customers, we got a lesson in weaving from the owner of the shop.  Granted, it was probably meant to encourage us to buy something - which we did - that's where my green scarf came from. 

And its where James Blaine came from.  James Blaine is my 6th great grandfather on my dad's side of the family.  Before James, all I can find is "unknown Blaine" so I have no idea who his father was or anything about his family before.  Mary Blaine, married Samuel McCord who originated from Scotland and was my 4th great grandfather. 

On my mother's side, comes Robert Harris, my 7th great grandfather, Flora Douglas, his mother.  They came through the Gray for any family reading that wants to know. 

Through the Cole side of my mother's family come the Clingans, the Pattons, the McCrackens, and the Lynn families, all from Donegal. 

Here are some pictures I took while there...

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HennHouse said...

Beautiful photos!! I REALLY want to go back to Ireland.