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Friday, March 25, 2011

Spring Break?

I think the only thing breaking this Spring are a couple of backs - mine and Brian's.  His was sore yesterday after getting several truck loads full of cement, gravel, sand, and other stuff.   Today I'm tearing out the brick patio - not a fun job.  Why would we do something so stupid you ask?  I've wondered a time or two myself during this process.  But we have a drainage issue.  When it rains, which it does often in the Spring, we have water pooled in the back yard and on the brick patio.  Our yard sits lower than our neighbor's yards so all the run-off comes here.  It gets much worse than this picture even shows.  MUCH worse.

SO ... we're tearing out the patio, raising the grade of the yard, installing some drain pipes, and then re-laying the brick patio. 

My part is to get the brick up and stacked.  His is to finish the rest.  Although I'm sure I'll be helping haul stuff from the wheelbarrow from time to time. 

So far ... I'm not very far into my part of the deal and I'm already sure I might not be able to move tomorrow.

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