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Friday, March 25, 2011

What a Day!

Yesterday Eli and Owen spent the day with me.  Their mommy is sick and needed some rest so ... we picked the boys up at 8am and took them home after dinner.  Here is a glimpse of how the day went.  :)

They LOVE books ..
and taking my bookshelf apart

I wonder which one can get the window the dirtiest?

Eli likes to share

Yup, they're guilty alright - guilty of getting into Bama's books
(of course I don't care at all)

"Where's the pictures??"

"Hmmm... this one looks ... interesting.  At least there is a cartoon on the front"

"Wait, isn't Buriff MY name?  I wonder if my grampa wrote this?"

"Grampa writes books you can really sink your teeth into"

"Now just what am I supposed to do with these things?"

"When it doubt, chew on it"

"Hey now THIS is fun!"

"This is better than a set of drums!"

"Now why didn't I think of that?"

Topping the day off with McDonald's

"May I recommend the fries?"

"yeah, I think I'm gonna like this place"

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