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Friday, June 24, 2011

That's My Boy!

Yeah, that's my boy and I'm not a bit proud.  Ha! I'm actually so excited for him I can't stand it.  Logan, my youngest has wanted to be a police officer since he was in 5th grade.  A few days ago, that dream came true for him.  On June 2nd, he graduated from the Butler Tech Police Academy and moved to Newcomerstown, OH on June 3rd. 

Earlier this week he was hired as a police officer for the Newcomerstown PD. 

So, I am now the mom of a cop!  That is not something I was always comfortable with.  I mean, no one really wants their son in a position where the bad guys might be shooting at him.  But I've long since gotten used to the idea.  Besides, I think he could handle himself pretty well.  He earned the nickname from his commander at the Academy "the Squirrel on Cocaine" for his ... uh ... wildness in doing take-downs.    Just to be on the safe side - we bought him a bullet proof vest for his graduation.  :)  

Logan's has been a great kid and the qualities he has (compassion, good judgment, and a strong sense of justice) will make him a good cop. 

Congratulations Logan!  We are very proud of you! 


HennHouse said...

Awesome! Congrats to Logan (and you to you)!!

I got Tim's mom a necklace that says "Trooper mom" and has his birthstone and unit number on it. I can send you the URL if you want.

KrippledWarrior said...

way cool, Amber. Offering my congratulations and prayers for wisdom and protection.