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Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Junk Drawer

Everybody's got at least one, right?  I've got one small one that wasn't toooo awful bad, and then .... there was the monster.  It was the drawer that everything that no one knew what to do with got stuck in.  This morning I could barely get it open or closed because it was so full of clutter.  Sadly, it was only about a year ago that I cleaned it out.  Amazing that it can get so bad in a year.  SO, today it was time to do something different. 


I made custom drawer organizers.  If you buy then, they cost quite a bit.  This was a cheap alternative.  Here is what I did:

  • Dumped the drawer and washed it out.

  • With a garbage can nearby, I sorted through the pile, throwing away and grouping like items together. 

  • Then I put things away that really had a home somewhere else in my house. 

  • Then I layed out the grouped items in the drawer to determine what size compartments I needed. 

  • Then I measured, twice.  Then I marked the foam board according to my measurements and cut it with an exacto knife. 

  • A little super glue held the cut pieces together.
  • For tiny items like saftey pins, I small Mason jelly jar placed in a compartment worked great. 

Its not permanent.  Eventually the foam board pieces will get messed up, but that's OK because my needs may change.  I'm sure if you felt the need to be fancy and cute, you could cover the foam board pieces with contact paper or left-over wallpaper, but that just seemed like more work and expense. 

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Kansas Bob said...

When we moved in 2010 I thought that we might leave the junk drawer behind. Hah!