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Thursday, February 23, 2012

One Year

Eli and Owen's first birthday

Cody's trip to India

Logan's graduation from the Police Academy

Logan's move away from home and his first apartment (so what if it was in a barn with 3 horses).

Logan's first job as a police officer

Eli and Owen's first steps, first words, and hearing them say "love you"

Logan moving back home and getting a decent paying job in law enforcement that he loves.

Eli and Owen's first Christmas where they understood presents, ornaments, and baby Jesus.

Those are the things that bug me most.  All the things my dad has missed.  He wanted so badly to live to see them. 

I know he would be proud of his grandsons and the men that they continue to become.  I know he would love hearing the stories Logan tells about his work and the experiences he has there.  He would also be proud, very proud of some of the decisions Logan has made this past year.  I know he would be proud of my mom too.  She's doing things he probably would have never guessed she would attempt - like getting on that zero-turn lawn mower and mowing the yard, or dancing, yes really dancing with the Eli and Owen to rock music - Areosmith, no less.  She's taking care of herself, the house, the yard, and doing very well. 
Today marks one year since his passing.  In some ways it seems strange to type those words.  Its really been a whole year.  There hasn't been a single day of that year that I've not thought of him and thought of all that he's missing.  There are people who say that those who pass on before us can see all that's going on - that they're looking over us.  There are others who say that view does not line up with scripture.  And I guess there is a point there - I mean if people who have passed could see everything, it would probably cause them pain and that wouldn't be much like heaven.  Me, I think there is an awful lot that we don't understand and I can't imagine God not allowing people to see the things that would bring them pleasure ... so I kinda think maybe they can just see the good things.  At least, I like to think so. 

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