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Sunday, February 19, 2012


By now I'm sure you've discovered Pinterest - or at least heard of it.  Its sort of the new Google.  Its also very much the new way of looking through a magazine or catalogue and keeping the decorating ideas, craft ideas, recipes, etc. that you like.   I'm not sure if its the best thing that's ever happened to me, or the worst.  :) 

I have found some motivation to clean out closets and re-organize things.  I've thrown a lot of stuff away that's been sitting in my closet for a long time.  That's a good thing.  If you've been to my house, you know I have a huge closet off of my study and its a great place to stash junk.  This is what one side of it looks like now. 

The other side is taken up by the hot water heater.  And the other side - I'm still working on.  I need containers and am waiting till I find some that I like.  I love the little baskets that are really popular now but I know from personal experience that those adorable little things can collect a lot of dust.  NOT my idea of making things simpler.  I'm sure I'll come up with something - in time. 

I've also come across some cool ideas.  I had seen these old window pane photo displays but never really considered doing one ... until .... I was at my mom's the other day.  She's been sorting through old photos and came across some that my dad had that none of us had ever seen before.  There were some of my dad as a little boy and some of my grandfather as a young man, and even some of my great grandmother, who I had never seen a picture of.  So .... it seems appropriate to display a few of those in an old window I found at a salvage yard for $15. 

I also picked up my dad's old barber tools.  When I was a little girl, before Dad  owned the men's clothing store  and long before we moved to Ohio, he was a barber at Bob King's barber shop in Petersburg.  I remember going to Catt's Cafe with my mom and waiting for him to get off work.  Since Catt's was just across the street from the barber shop, we could watch for him easily. 

I was surprised to find in my dad's old barber tools, my grandfather's old shaving brush and straight edge razor.  So in addition to dad's barber tools, there were some things of my grandfather's.  I have lots of memories of dad cutting my boy's hair as they grew up too ... so .... I thought I would put together a shadowbox.   I priced out having them done at a local craft store and was stunned that it would cost $300-$600 to have them do it.  I also wasn't all that crazy about the do-it-yourself boxes they sold there ... and then I thought of using an old medicine cabinet.  When I get a chance, I'll be hitting some salvage yards for one of those.

But, back to Pinterest.  Its been a good thing.  I've found some more DIY cleaners and hand creams and soaps which seem to work well and are less expensive (and less chemicals) than the store bought kind.  I've found a few decent recipies.  But  I also see how it could become a bad thing.  I think that's how must things in life are.  I try to avoid the "fashion" and "home decor" sections because, like anybody else, I like pretty things, but I don't feel right about spending bookhooo's of money of material things.  It would be oh so easy to do if I kept looking.  So I just don't look there. 

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