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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I may be crazy but, I've taken to doing dishes the old fashioned way - by hand.  I got tired of paying more and more money for dishwasher detergent.  And I got tired of that nasty white film on my glasses.  

In case you didn't know, the EPA made companies take the phosphates out of dishwasher detergent a while back and that is why you may be seeing more of the white film.  I even used vinigar as a rinse aid and still - the white film. 

So .... I decided enough was enough. 

 I bought the cute bamboo dish drainer at Ikea for $5.  They are sold elsewhere for $20 and up.  That might be the only thing I've found at Ikea that I like.  And I crocheted the scrubbie (actually a couple of them).  And the result - cleaner dishes!  The white film is gone, my glasses sparkle and even the coffee stains on my coffee cups are gone.  And I don't know for sure yet, but I suspect I'm saving on water and electricity too. 

It may sound time-consuming, but not really so much.  I find I'm fooling with dishes a lot less than when I was using the dishwasher.  Even after our Easter dinner (we had 10 people over for dinner and dessert) I had the dishes washed and put away in 20 minutes. 

I can deal with that. 

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