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Saturday, February 23, 2013

The "Ava" Holster Review

Buying holsters that work well for you can be tough - especially if you're a woman.  I have found that I buy two before I find one that works, and that's after doing a lot of research and reading a lot of reviews.  From what I'm reading, I find I am not alone in my holster confusion.  So I thought I would throw my two cents in about a couple of holsters I use.  This review will be of the "Ava" by Looper Law Enforcement

As you can read on their web site, the Ava is designed for women by Lisa Looper and is part of the "Pin Up" collection of women's holsters.  You can read all about the specifics on their site so I wont repeat all of that here.  I'll just share my opinions about it here. 

What I Like About It:

  • I like that it covers the trigger guard completely.  I'm a bit of a safety freak and that's one thing I'm picky about.  I tried other holsters that covered the trigger guard okay, but okay is not good enough for me.  I want it covered completely and Ava does that.  

  • I like that it is relatively small.  Of course I use it for a small gun - a Glock 26 but compared to other holsters I looked at, it seems smaller and for me, the smaller the better.

  • It is comfortable.  I always felt like my Glock was a bit heavy (don't laugh men).  It seemed heavy and I always felt lop-sided when I had my Glock with me.  With the Ava, I don't feel that way at all.  It fits snug and secure and I barely know the Glock is there when I use Ava.   The purple suede is soft, making it unnoticeable against my skin. 

  • The hooks are strong, will hold to a waistband without a belt, and are adjustable. You can see in the pics that there are three positions you can fasten the hooks into to allow the holster to ride higher or lower.   You can also wear the holster in any waistband position you like.

What I Will Need to Get Used To:

  • Reading reviews and descriptions about the Ava, I was expecting it to be more versatile.  I was expecting to be able to adjust the cant of the gun.  Well .... maybe you can, but it is not clear how to do that.  It seems fastened on there pretty good, did not come with directions for adjusting it, and I'm unable to find directions online anywhere. I could try, but I'm afraid I would tear up a good holster doing so ... so I choose to live with it as it is, which is not really all that bad.  It is canted forward and I had never carried that way before, but if its good enough for the FBI, then I guess its good enough for me. 
What I Do Not Like About It:
  • The retention.  While it does a good job of holding the gun in place, the retention is not perfect.  In a normal day to day situation, the gun will stay put very well.  The thermoplastic part of the holster is molded to fit each gun and as such, holds it in place pretty well but if turned upside down, the gun will fall out. If the retention were better, this would be a perfect holster.  As it is, it a very good holster.

As for concealment, I find concealing even a very small gun a very BIG challenge.  The Ava does and okay job.  Its not perfect.  In tighter fitting clothing, it will print.  Even in some looser clothing it may be possible to make out a small gun bump, but it seems to do as good of a job as any holster I've found. 

After doing some research, I found a way to adjust the retention of the kydex part of the holster.  Here is a video of a guy adjusting his Crossbreed Holster - I had the same hesitation he had about messing up a $60 holster, and I did not have a heat gun so I used a hairdryer.  It worked!  I have much more confidence in the Ava's ability to hold my Glock secure while still allowing a quick draw. 


giselle said...

After you heated it, what part of the mold were you pressing on? Love the click of the kydex as you draw.

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